How to Dissolve Kidney Stones Properly

The best way how to dissolve kidney stonesis to use treatment methods that are suitable for the type of stones you have developed. Since cystine, calcium, uric acid, and struvite stones are different from one another, you have to be familiar about the treatment option recommended for the particular stone formations in your kidney. This way, you can easily cure your kidney problem without exposing yourself to further health risks.

Calcium oxalate stones

Calcium oxalate stones are usually formed due to the excessive amounts of calcium in the body. Although calcium plays a huge role in keeping a healthy diet, too much of it can become trapped and crystallized in the kidney.

Usually, water pills are prescribed to patients who are suffering from calcium oxalate stones. Diuretics can dissolve kidney stone crystalsby increasing your urinary volume and decreasing calcium restrictions. Patients who do not respond well to water pills are required to limit their calcium intake.

High levels of urinary oxalate, also known as hyperoxaluria, can be cured by increased fluid intake and vitamin B6 supplements. Water and vitamin B6 can reduce the excretion of oxalate and help with dissolving kidney stones.

Struvite stones

Struvite stones, also known as infection stones, develop after urinary tract infection affects the urines natural balance. They are more common in women because they are more susceptible to urinary tract infections than men are.

You can dissolve kidney stones naturally by drinking cranberry juice. Aside from dissolving struvite stones, cranberry juice can also restore the proper functioning of your damaged kidneys. Consult your doctor before using any kidney stones home treatment in order to make sure that you will not develop further complications.

Cystine stones

Cystine serves as the building blocks of nerves, muscles, and other parts of the body. However, excessive cystine build-up in your urine can lead to the formation of cystine stones. Although this condition is rare, it usually runs in families with high predisposition to stone formations.

High levels of cystine in the urine are usually treated through the increase in fluid intake. To make these kidney stones dissolve, some doctors also recommend the need to increase the urines pH level with the use of potassium citrate or sodium bicarbonate.

Uric acid stones

To help a kidney stone dissolve you need to regulate the bodys level of uric acid. Vitamin C supplements and sugar-sweetened beverages can do wonders in curing this type of kidney stone. A healthy diet also plays a vital role in the treatment of this medical condition.

If you want to learn more about how to dissolve kidney stones, you will also need to consult your doctor regarding your condition. Alkalinizing medications such as sodium bicarbonate and potassium citrate can also contribute to the effective treatment of uric acid stones.