Herbs For Candida

All around the world both men and women continue to be affected by Candida Yeast Infections. Here is a staggering number put out by Rice University researchers. Somewhere around 70% of all people are affected in some way by Candida. With those kind of numbers its time for everyone to stop being embarrassed and do something so this type of infection stops recurring over your life time.

Candida is a microscopic organism that can live inside the body in peace. It lives off of substances such as dead tissue and sugar within the body. When the body becomes out of balance it can develop into an infection with a multitude of symptoms.

As is the case with other medical conditions it is often only the symptoms which are treated. For the majority of people who fight off a Candida infection they will eventually have it return. In some instances it will return worse than before. The reason being is the root cause of the problem was never addressed. Changes need to be made so that you have a permanent end to your Candida problem.

One such program to address the underlying causes can be found at Candida treatment. I would encourage you to review this system for ending your fight against Candida for good. This natural solution does not involve the typical medications and ointments. One of the things you will discover are herbs for Candida. Herbal medicine can be defined as a traditional or folk medicine involving the use of herbs. Herbs are any plants with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for medicine or other purposes. These are natural treatments that have been used by many cultures for centuries. One advantage to using herbs for the treatment of ailments is the general absence of side effects.

Here are a few of the Candida herbal remedies used for both prevention and stopping active attacks. Oregano is a small shrub. It contains a number of chemicals compounds which are known to have disease preventing properties. One such substance is Thymol which is known to be anti-fungal fighting. Since Candida is a fungus one can see how oregano could be a viable Candida herbal treatment. Pau DArco is a large shrub or tree that grows from sixteen to one hundred sixty feet high. It can be found in Brazil. Removed as an extract of the bark can be used as a Candida herbal remedy. It also is a powerful anti-fungal agent. It has also been known to stimulate the bodies immune system and fight against tumors.

The Neem tree originated in India and Pakistan. Its fruits and seed are the source of neem oil. It is used to clear out the toxins found in most inflammatory skin diseases. As it pertains to being included in herbal remedies for Candida it is also a stimulates the immune system.

Used properly herbs can be a powerful weapon in the fight against Candida. I hope you have found this information beneficial. I will be discussing even more herbal options in a future article.