Deciding To Use An Ear Infection Home Remedy

Deciding to use an ear infection home remedy can save you a lot of hassle, especially if the ear infection comes to light only after the doctor’s office has closed for the day. While there are healthcare facility options available late at night and on weekends, they are going to be much more expensive than a trip to the doctor and probably much more time consuming as well. A home remedy will save you hundreds of dollars and several hours in these situations. Let’s look at the math here.

You already know that when your child receives any kind of medicine at the doctor’s office, you are being charged several times what the same dosage would cost coming from the store. An emergency room or urgent care facility will most likely overcharge you even more just for the medications. They also tend to use more technologically advanced equipment, which makes that price tag go even higher. Then the hospital or urgent care facility has to pay the nurses, doctors and technicians extra money to work the bad hours. You cover a portion of that expense as well. When you spend all night up at the emergency room with a sick child, you’re probably going to call out for work the next day.

If you don’t have vacation, that’s more money you’re losing. Since the hospital or urgent care bill is probably several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, hopefully you have insurance to help cover it.

If you don’t, there’s a good chance that you will have to work out a payment arrangement with the billing office.

If you can’t pay by a certain date, they may send your account to a collection agency. Transportation is another issue here.

If you do not have transportation available for whatever reason, you may feel the need to call an ambulance. This adds a few hundred more dollars to the cost. All together, you are probably out two or three thousand dollars if you’re paying out of pocket and at least a few hundred if you’re not. Not to mention that you can spend long hours just waiting to be seen. In the emergency room, they see the most critical cases first, period. It’s not like waiting in line at the grocery store, where they take you in the order you arrived.

If the guy five people back comes in with chest pain, he goes before you. Never mind that you’ve already been waiting four hours and are next on the list. So, you can deal with all of this for an ear infection. Or, you can find an easy home remedy that will probably cost you less than five dollars and get a little more sleep.

If your child is running a fever and you can’t get it down, you do need to seek medical help. But if not, use an ear infection home remedy and call the doctor in the morning if it doesn’t go away.